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Our turf is more than just grass, it’s a testament to our dedication to providing a product that goes beyond expectations. It’s thick, lush, and meticulously grown to incorporate natural ingredients from the renowned Rye region. This ensures that our turf is not only aesthetically pleasing but also resilient and hard-wearing.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Turf

Farnborough Turf recommends laying our quality turf during the cooler seasons of spring and autumn. This optimal timing ensures that the turf establishes itself efficiently, taking advantage of mild temperatures for robust growth. This being said, you can lay turf all year round it just takes more time and care to bed the roots during different weather conditions.

The cost of turf from Farnborough Turf starts at £4 per roll, with each roll covering 1 square metre. The more you order, the cheaper it becomes. For precise pricing based on your specific requirements, please reach out to our dedicated team. We’re committed to providing transparent and competitive quotes tailored to your landscaping needs.

Farnborough Turf takes pride in offering the Rye Sport hard-wearing turf, cultivated in the marshlands of Kent. This premium turf variety is ideal for gardens, providing a lush, green, and resilient lawn that stays vibrant throughout the year.

Installing Farnborough Turf is a straightforward process, especially with our high-quality, well-prepared rolls. For a hassle-free installation, we recommend preparing the soil adequately, ensuring it is level and free from debris. Follow our comprehensive installation guide, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful, thriving lawn in no time. We have a professional Turf Installation team if you require us to fit the Turf for you.

The cost of installing a new lawn in the UK varies depending on factors such as the quality of the Base and the size of the garden. The average cost of laying a new Lawn ranges from £10 to £30 per square metre. For a tailored quote reflecting your specific needs, contact Farnborough Turf, where we ensure transparency and quality in every landscaping project.

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Embrace the Farnborough Turf difference – where tradition, expertise, and an unyielding commitment converge to redefine your concept of a timeless lawn. Your pursuit of excellence in turf begins here, with Farnborough Turf – a name synonymous with superior quality and enduring beauty.